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Spark creative ideas.

Shine a light on new marketing strategy.

Focus creative direction.

Assemble and inspire creative stars.

All with a passion to help people and organizations succeed.

That's YoungThinking.

Why a duck? Like this decoy, practical tools can also be things of beauty. Same for your marketing tools.

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John Young is writing and publishing fiction. Three literary works welcome your reading. Learn more at

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Let's create some great work together.

Let's create some great work together.

Let's create some great work together.

Let's create some great work together.

Let's create some great work together.


It's not magic. It just feels that way.

Expect the unexpected. Seek exceptional. A creative consultant better bring ideas you wouldn't fathom on your own. And YoungThinking does. 

We deliver marketing strategy and business thinking. Including branding, positioning, naming, and blue-sky sessions.


Once the strategy is in place, YoungThinking can follow through, assembling and leading the right team to deliver memorable creative work.

We also provide creativity consulting to help jolt your culture to be more creative, more engaged, more alive.


For large companies, you can spark that startup spirit. For startups and small companies, you get insight and experience that’s hard to find.

No voodoo. Just fresh eyes and ideas.

Stand out to your audience. This stone stood out among thousands on a remote beach in Southern England. 

Marketing Strategy

Creative Direction


Establish & Managing Teams

Directing Groups


Question the Status Quo.

John Young founded YoungThinking to help companies see new opportunities and capitalize on them. It starts with digging in on the problem. (As Einstein said: “A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.”) Then audience insights and questioning the status quo lead to strong strategy and beyond-the-expected creative ideas. It ends with exceptional creative execution.

That’s why John Young and his teams have earned more than 250 awards for creative excellence. Some for Fortune 500 clients with million-dollar budgets. Some for startups breaking through on a shoestring. Getting great work from YoungThinking is no fluke.

When you’re ready to stand apart from competitors, when you’re ready to win, we’re ready to help.


The benefit of experience.

John Young or YoungThinking worked with all these clients. And dozens more. These were selected to build cred. Does it help? What matters is how the lessons learned pass on to the next client. To you.


Whirlpool (Global Sustainability)


General Motors

Proctor & Gamble (16 brands)

West Group Publishing


Hubbard Radio







Ziff Davis & Interchange


US Bank

Fidelity Investments

American Express

Depositors Insurance Fund




Harvard University

Boston University

Boston College



Glaxo Smith Kline


Abbott Labs

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MA

Johnson & Johnson (Benecol, Ethicon)



but with a creative twist.



"The work you pulled together will help us in many, many communications to come. You brought creativity, credibility and a structured process to our work, and I'm so thankful to have had the chance to work with (and learn from) you.”

Theresa Funk, Senior Manager EHSS Communications & Change Mgt. Whirlpool Corp. 

“John is a valuable resource for HCDC and the start-ups we serve. Not only does he add value by sharing his expertise, but he communicates concepts in a way that feels as if he is part of the teams he mentors. I appreciate John, and I highly recommend him as an expert in marketing strategy."


Karla Boldery, Business Coach, at HCDC (Hamilton County Development Co.) 

"YoungThinking created a fun,
high-energy environment to inspire
and motivate our radio talent. They’ve been instrumental in helping us design a system to 

generate ideas and original content for on-air and online." 


Patti Marshall, Operations Manager for Hubbard Radio, Cincinnati

"John is a person of high character.
He leads by example and gives credit to others. He inspires through both words and actions. And he combines self-assuredness with modesty."

Justin Russell, Creative Director PacificSource & former colleague at Possible/Bridge Worldwide

“John is one of the rare marketing strategists and creative directors
who can see the difference between a clever technology-fad and one that delivers real business value. He pushed me to dig deep and do my best thinking about technology that creates competitive advantage and builds business.”


Marc Aiello, Director of Product at Talmetrix, former Director of Technology & colleague at Possible

"Every time John comes in to speak
to our Seniors, he blows them away. It’s inspiring to watch as he shares his life and professional experiences.His passion for the creative process and the students' work really motivates them and impacts their lives in a way not soon forgotten."


Kurt Grannan, Head of Graphic Design, Mount St. Joseph University


Give us a shout.

Who doesn’t want fresh thinking—YoungThinking—on their business?

Send me an email:  jyoung@youngthinking[dot] com

Let's create some great work together.

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